Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week 6 Posting The USENET

The USENET is such a wonderful tool rich in resources and ways to let out what is in your heart and mind and be heard. whether or not the comments you may receive are negative or positive it is ok. It is just too bad that there are people that misuse this wonderful tool for other purposes.

The News group I did not like was the one I posted on alt.politics.immigration. It was so full of racist remarks that I could not resist to create a more positive post about immigrants.

The one I newsgroup I identified most with was my first daughter Krystal would have been ten right now died when she was 7 days old. I have experienced a tremendous resilence however I have the need to help other families to deal with their loss. I feel that I was able to bounce back because of my faith and the fact that I had a lot of support from my family. I have had total closure but this gives me the opportunity to help not just people in my near community but I can give support to people that are in other countries as long as they are able to speak English or Spanish. Honestly I know that it is not humanly possible to recover from such a huge loss especially when your baby dies in your arms. My heart goes to all the women that need the encouragement and support to overcome thier loss.

I have to restate what I have said in the past postings, internet education is very important. School Board of Education should make it a requirement to take an internet course as a requirement to graduate from high school. There are so many kids that are using the internet for the wrong reasons. There are global communities like the one that Dr. Wosinski is a part of UCP-SARnet. or TakingItGlobal that are a partnership in trying to create awareness of global issues such as poverty, abuse, drugs, and so many other serious matters. For example:The research partners Dr. Wosinski is working with are several community issues among them are community campus partnerships for health. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes health through partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions. It was founded in 1996, Their network has grown over 1,800 communities and campuses across North America and increasingly the world that are collaborating to promote health through service-learning, community-based participatory research, broad-based coalitions and other partnership strategies. These partnerships are powerful tools for improving higher education, civic engagement and the overall health of communities and most of the networking is done online. This is becoming the new trend however, at the same token the USENET can be a way to breed hate to children that are rejected b society such as the boys from the Columbine masacare.

According to IEEE Explore the USENET will get worse due to the amount of users. "Current Internet users see the combination of World-Wide Web (WWW) and electronic mail as a synonym for the Internet. While WWW is excellent for easy and fast dissemination of information and e-mail facilitates efficient communication, a means for widespread, threaded discussion and interchange of information among large groups of users is still necessary. WWW has experienced a tremendous innovation boost during the last years, resulting in an elaborate networking infrastructure. Usenet News, however, has only been slightly improved over its initial definition, which is no longer apt for the increased data volume".

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Privacy in the Internet

One important aspect about the internet that perhaps many internet users take for granted is the privacy issue. First of all many people are concerned about making purchases over the internet because they are concerned that their card number can be retrieved and misused,secondly,perhaps job seekers are most vulnerable in getting the privacy violated when posting their resumes online and thirdly,since there isn't any formal law within cyberspace internet users are at thier local goverenments mercy in seeking protection against the violation of their privacy. Although, the internet is a great tool and provides an vast amount of convenience, it is important that internet use becomes part of the high school and college curriculums and a requirement for graduation.

So many people are concerned about making purchases over the internet becuase they are concerned thet their card number can be retrieved and misused, well this in fact is true but as Walt Howe mentioned that a credit card is not safe even when it is handed to a cashier at a store, when making a phone payment, or if the reciept is thrown out becuase the person handleing the credit card can easily copy the card number down to later use it for their personal use and the same goes for a credit card recipt that is thrown out. The reciept if not disposed of properly can end up in the wrong hands and be misused for their benefit. Therefore, a credit card being used in cyberspace is should not be the greatest of the worries of the internet society. As a matter of fact becuase people are so reluctant to using their credit card in cyberspace inadvertently the cyber community themselves have hindered the growth of electronic commerce (

Moreover, perhaps job seekers are the most vulnerable in getting their privacy violated when posting their resumes on line. As many students are getting ready to graduate from college they are encouraged to post their resumes online. Pam Dixon did a research on resumes and how resumes are being misused and she found that in one day sold 4,942 resumes and or emails for thirty-three cents each that is one thousand six hundred thirty dollars FTC-HELP and or the website (

Lastly,since there isn't any formal law within cyberspace internet users are at thier local goverenments mercy in seeking protection against the violation of their privacy. There are five aspects of invasion of privacy within cyberspace.
1.Unsoliscited email not regulated by the Federal Law, 2. defamation, 3. search and seizure, 4. secrecy, and 5. the creation of databases consistency of personal information. In regards to unsollicited emails a federal judge in Philadelphia ruled that companies do not have a First Amendment right to send unsolicited messages to online service subscribers. There are other ways that many communities seek to handle this situation is that the users complain to the offender's service provider and publicly denounce the action on the Internet Blacklist, filter out unsolicited email,and many people have sued spammers in court and they have won.
Many states prohibit defamation, regardless of the form it takes. "Defamation consists of false and unprivileged publication which results in economic damages. Financial loss is not necessary where the statement implies that a person is a criminal or has an unpleasant disease, or which injures a person in respect to his other office, profession, or business. A judge in Texas issued an injunction to stop defamatory posting by an Internet user. Hate messages sent by e-mail have also resulted in criminal penalties". People have been able to file a suit against a John Doe and subpeona Yahoo and other companies and they are not disputed but usually when it is discovered who is making the defamatory accusations charges are dropped.
In regards to search and seizure there is a fourth amendment that protects the Americans however, there it does not apply when the search and seizure applies to information on a disk or on a hard drive.Secrecy and confidential information when violated can cost companies millions of dollars becuase they take information and sell it to competitors and to others for harmful reasons to the company. The law is in a state of continual development regarding issues of jurisdiction over individuals and businesses within cyberspace. The very first case was U.S. v. Thomas. According to they have hope that the Supreme court will almost certainly lay down some guidelines within the next few years (

Therefore, since the cyber community is in sucha vulnerable state and the laws are still in development, emloyment seekers and cyber cutomers should not sit passively and let the cyber criminals create an unsafe environment they should report spam and or report to their local authorities or any other measure if they feel their privacy has been violated, furthermore, Cyberspace should be treated with much more seriousness than it is currently handled and it should be made a requirement that before being able to surf the net they should take a course on educating them on what is correct and what is not. With this more people would not be ignorantly promoting the unwanted emails that potentially can cause so much harm.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008


There are so many inconsiderate people in this world and they only think about themselves and how they can leach off of the internet users. According to there are to main types of SPAM which cause different effects. Ther first one is cacellable USENET SPAM which consists of 1 single message sent to 20 usenet groups and overwhelming them with unwanted advertisements. The other type of SPAM creates its lists by scanning usenet postings, strealing internet email lists and search for email addresses on the web.

SPAM does not cost anything to the sender however it does cost the recipient of the SPAM becuase not everyone has cable internet, there are still people that are using dial-up and are being charged for the time they are online. As a result the recipient has to spend un-necessary time cleaning out his or her inbox to rid his or herself of the SPAM and the meter is running.

Interestingly enough, Dennise Degan worte in the that she heard that spam was down by 5% however, just today she had several advertisements offering her loans, viagra, and many other services. Furthermore, she has internet on her phone and instead of being a handy tool and a convinience for easy access to her email it has become a nuceance. She gets alarms in the middle of the night and she has to turn off the phone. As a business person myself I would be utterly annoyed because I cannot turn my phone off I can loose an important business call. After reading this I realized I should not get email on my phone. (
Lastly, there is a can-spam act of 2003 S.877 states that it will regulate interstate commerce by imposing limitations and penalties to any unsolicited electronic mail sent via the internet. The congresssional findings were that electronic mail is a convinience and benefit for personal and commercial use and it can create frictionless comerece but that it is being threatened by unwanted mail, which consists of vulgar mail and costly as well. It further mentions that half of the emails floating in cyberspace are unsolicited advertisements. (
It is very unfortunate that people abuse the internet in this manner, as a matter of fact my assistant does not use the internet wisely and I had to pay the price she filled my computer with viruses and she also created unwanted emails for me by surfing websites that are phishing.

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