Saturday, February 2, 2008


There are so many inconsiderate people in this world and they only think about themselves and how they can leach off of the internet users. According to there are to main types of SPAM which cause different effects. Ther first one is cacellable USENET SPAM which consists of 1 single message sent to 20 usenet groups and overwhelming them with unwanted advertisements. The other type of SPAM creates its lists by scanning usenet postings, strealing internet email lists and search for email addresses on the web.

SPAM does not cost anything to the sender however it does cost the recipient of the SPAM becuase not everyone has cable internet, there are still people that are using dial-up and are being charged for the time they are online. As a result the recipient has to spend un-necessary time cleaning out his or her inbox to rid his or herself of the SPAM and the meter is running.

Interestingly enough, Dennise Degan worte in the that she heard that spam was down by 5% however, just today she had several advertisements offering her loans, viagra, and many other services. Furthermore, she has internet on her phone and instead of being a handy tool and a convinience for easy access to her email it has become a nuceance. She gets alarms in the middle of the night and she has to turn off the phone. As a business person myself I would be utterly annoyed because I cannot turn my phone off I can loose an important business call. After reading this I realized I should not get email on my phone. (
Lastly, there is a can-spam act of 2003 S.877 states that it will regulate interstate commerce by imposing limitations and penalties to any unsolicited electronic mail sent via the internet. The congresssional findings were that electronic mail is a convinience and benefit for personal and commercial use and it can create frictionless comerece but that it is being threatened by unwanted mail, which consists of vulgar mail and costly as well. It further mentions that half of the emails floating in cyberspace are unsolicited advertisements. (
It is very unfortunate that people abuse the internet in this manner, as a matter of fact my assistant does not use the internet wisely and I had to pay the price she filled my computer with viruses and she also created unwanted emails for me by surfing websites that are phishing.

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