Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week 6 Posting The USENET

The USENET is such a wonderful tool rich in resources and ways to let out what is in your heart and mind and be heard. whether or not the comments you may receive are negative or positive it is ok. It is just too bad that there are people that misuse this wonderful tool for other purposes.

The News group I did not like was the one I posted on alt.politics.immigration. It was so full of racist remarks that I could not resist to create a more positive post about immigrants.

The one I newsgroup I identified most with was my first daughter Krystal would have been ten right now died when she was 7 days old. I have experienced a tremendous resilence however I have the need to help other families to deal with their loss. I feel that I was able to bounce back because of my faith and the fact that I had a lot of support from my family. I have had total closure but this gives me the opportunity to help not just people in my near community but I can give support to people that are in other countries as long as they are able to speak English or Spanish. Honestly I know that it is not humanly possible to recover from such a huge loss especially when your baby dies in your arms. My heart goes to all the women that need the encouragement and support to overcome thier loss.

I have to restate what I have said in the past postings, internet education is very important. School Board of Education should make it a requirement to take an internet course as a requirement to graduate from high school. There are so many kids that are using the internet for the wrong reasons. There are global communities like the one that Dr. Wosinski is a part of UCP-SARnet. or TakingItGlobal that are a partnership in trying to create awareness of global issues such as poverty, abuse, drugs, and so many other serious matters. For example:The research partners Dr. Wosinski is working with are several community issues among them are community campus partnerships for health. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes health through partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions. It was founded in 1996, Their network has grown over 1,800 communities and campuses across North America and increasingly the world that are collaborating to promote health through service-learning, community-based participatory research, broad-based coalitions and other partnership strategies. These partnerships are powerful tools for improving higher education, civic engagement and the overall health of communities and most of the networking is done online. This is becoming the new trend however, at the same token the USENET can be a way to breed hate to children that are rejected b society such as the boys from the Columbine masacare.

According to IEEE Explore the USENET will get worse due to the amount of users. "Current Internet users see the combination of World-Wide Web (WWW) and electronic mail as a synonym for the Internet. While WWW is excellent for easy and fast dissemination of information and e-mail facilitates efficient communication, a means for widespread, threaded discussion and interchange of information among large groups of users is still necessary. WWW has experienced a tremendous innovation boost during the last years, resulting in an elaborate networking infrastructure. Usenet News, however, has only been slightly improved over its initial definition, which is no longer apt for the increased data volume".

1. Hauswirth, Gschwind (1999). IEEE Xplore. A cache architecture for modernizing the Usenet infrastructure. Retrieved on 2/23/2008

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Kupofather said...

Enh... Racism... *shakes head* Its especially prevalent on the web...
Can't go anywhere on line with out getting a bunch of pompous bastards toting their two cents about how they're superior to all others.

THe internet really does bring out the worst in people... Due to the anonymous nature of the internet, people can sit behind their computers and speak their true mind, without fear of reprisal. After all, you don't know them and you can't see them. Makes them feel safe and turns even the wimpiest of men into fearsome warriors. That combined with the fact that a lot of people shelter these kind of feelings from everyone in the real world all the time, they see the internet as a way to vent.